New Year. What’s new for me??!

So its 2010 and thoughts turn to resolutions for the forthcoming year. I’m not quite sure how to sum up 2009 but I spent so much time on a doctoral thesis, then a wedding, I can’t remember what else I did with all the time, or where all the time went…. but some amazing things happened to me in 2009 as I began to feel very changed: more comfortable with me, in my own skin, especially in terms of developing my own sense of self, and sense of style…

What’s new for me in 2010 then is this blog. It’s a blog about fashion, a blog about style, a blog about how clothes make us who we are and show how we feel and express ourselves. I’ve spent the majority of the last few years in black (no, Dad, it wasn’t just a stage I went through when I was fourteen,) so here I am branching out, wearing pastels even which will probably make my friends wonder what the hell has happened to the “real me”. Do not fear, friends, black will always remain my staple and will surely be featuring on these pages in copious amounts!

I can’t quite(!) afford the Preen power dress or the Christian Louboutin shoes I saw in the shop window in November – I shop online at ASOS, I go to Topshop and I adore the style of Reiss, because they transform a kinda vintage look for modern, grown up women. So this blog will show all of these and more, along with other ramblings about my life in general, which I hope will give me a focus and structure for the year ahead.

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