Can I wear…. a unitard?


What it is with me and one pieces?
Still in a state of weather-related-denial, I’ve purchased a lace unitard from American Apparel. A nylon spandex stretch floral lace unitard no less. So far the word “spandex” is scaring me.
I will be reporting back on aforementioned item soon. Right now the current concerns (along with where on earth to wear this and what with,) are as follows:
1. Is this the underwear as outerwear trend gone too far?
2. Where is my welding iron?*
*if you haven’t seen Flashdance, what are you doing reading my blog??

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2 Responses to Can I wear…. a unitard?

  1. Ann says:

    W-O-W(by the way, I am with you!)yours faithfully,IFC

  2. Don't hold it against me but… I haven't seen Flashdance!! I know, I know… I think it's stunning. Did you try it out?

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