Dirty, pretty (pink) things…

Its depressing, all this cold, wet and windy weather. I leave for work at seven in the morning and by the time I get there my skin has gone grey. I blame the Northern Line engineering works entirely for this newly developed skin shade however I’m now on the hunt for products to get me glowing in the winter months.

A trip to Selfridges make up and beauty hall later….
Two answers.
1) Bobbi Brown
I’m such a fan of Bobbi Brown. Her foundations and concealers are amazing (especially for pale skin) and her shimmer brick compact http://www.bobbibrown.co.uk/templates/products/mp.tmpl?CATEGORY_ID=CAT6138 is a sure bet for some sparkle and glow this January. The shop assistant initially sold me a beige shade but the rose and pinks are better for paler skin so be sure to given them a try.
2) Chanel
A good friend Ms C gave me this Chanel eyeshadow quad for my birthday http://www.chanel.com/fb/um.php?lo=gb&la=en-gb&re=chanelcom&ws-action=http://um.chanel.com/product.php?chsetdefgnav%3d7%26chsetdefgnavdiv%3d14%26landing%3dm%26branding%3demu%26sub%3desha%26chnprd%3dmaemu170%26la%3den-gb%26lo%3dgb%26re%3dchanelcom~~~G!02A32A6E6F7B!5kW0r37g%252brwd%252bKllvg%3d%3d~product~~~@http://syndicator.live.chanel.com/chanel/chanel-um (thank you Ms C!) Its brilliant for day to night wear because the pinks and greys can be dramatically transformed with the addition of the sparkle-black colour for the evenings. Do be careful with the smoky eyes look however, the first few times I tried this I resembled Morticia Adams. You have been warned,
Go glow, everyone…

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