For McQueen and Country…

My McQueen jeans finally arrived this weekend, courtesy of ASOS. Heavily reduced from ‘you-don’t-really-want-to-know’ to ‘a-far-more-acceptable-amount’, blog reader, we are officially high waisted this season.

Stop it if you have images of Simon Cowell flashing through your head…
So, for McQueen and country, I introduce my new jeans.
Wearing: Jeans, McQ (bought at ASOS). shoes, as before. Top, also ASOS.
Soundtrack to my Day: God Save the Queen by the Sex Pistols (what else?!)
Mood: Amused (make that tired, these photos were taken so early this morning on my BRAND NEW TRIPOD)
Thought for the day: Coffee………

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One Response to For McQueen and Country…

  1. Tomorrow says:

    Wow you look gorgeous!!!!Tomorrow

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