Control Freak

Base control to Major Tom.

Winter’s here and my glow is (still) gone.
All puns aside, my latest love is this amazing Shu Uemura base control product. What is base control, I hear you ask? Well, blog reader, this product states that it corrects redness and dullness in the skin. And that it does. It comes in the weirdest of weird colours:
GOLDSILVERBROWNGREEN (the picture show the ‘gold’ base control)
I think for both summer and for winter it could be a wonderful addition to any make up bag as long as you’re careful to select the right shade for the reason you’re using the product (ie redness in winter) that is. (I am still slightly confused as to the effect the silver shade would have, mental note to self to find this out). The base can be applied either underneath or mixed in with your usual foundation so you still get the coverage that you need. Plus, I’ve had this product since my birthday back in November, I’ve been using it quite regularly mixed in with my usual foundation and its only half used so far (its quite a tiny product, this picture may be a bit misleading!)
So, for all you control freaks out there….
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