Long hair clinic

I love my hair but at times its just so flippin’ massive and curly I don’t know what to do with it. This afternoon (before the ballet, so I look preened and proper for the show, of course) I’m off to the “long hair clinic” at Patrick Ludde salon near Oxford Circus to get my hair back into shape. Check out these pics from Patrick, I think he’s super for long hair and curls and hopefully this time I won’t leave a hair salon looking like a)Shirley Temple or b)a poodle.
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2 Responses to Long hair clinic

  1. Becca-Lou says:

    Ohhh do tell how you got on. I have been very close to putting scissors to my hair as can be so annoying at time. Would love to know if the clinic is worth the price tag

  2. Hi Becca LouI love Patrick but it is costly – I only go about three times a year so I can justify it that way though! I think he's worth it as a one off treat if you're looking for a new style, he really listens to his clients. Let me know if you go!

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