Valentines Day.

Roses, flowers, chocolates, I heart Us…. usually I’m diving for cover on this day of the year. However, with FashionOnTheCouch on the go I decided to channel all that V Day madness into a post based on a flirty dress for romantic times.
I bought this dress two years ago from Karen Millen, whose clothes I usually associate with my friend Ms D who can pull them off oh so well. I wasn’t quite sure of it at first which is why it has been consigned to the back of my closet for 24 months, but I might just have to fall in love with it.
Its Art and Fashion for this post however, as FashionOnTheCouch’s Italian Correspondent sent me this wonderful picture by the artist Tim Walker which seems apt for this addition to my blog. He’s a British photographer whose work is currently being showcased in Milan which is how my IFC got to hear of him.
Happy Valentine’s Day, folks xXx
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2 Responses to FlirtyOnTheCouch

  1. Patricia says:

    I LOVE this dress sarah!! really suits you sooo much!

  2. Ann says:

    each dress has its perfect time (and the right branch to hang from!)your IFC

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