Return of the Mac…

We do, blog readers, need to embrace our “inner Audrey” this Spring/Summer. Think “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” (the bit at the end, when she loses Cat, as opposed to the bit where she stands dreamily outside the shop with her croissant….. sigh……) as it’s time to find your perfect trench coat for the spring months.
The catwalks have been full of pastel coloured Mac’s across recent fashion weeks (currently Paris is in full swing), with Burberry Prorsum being the prime example (we’ve all seen the ads with Hermione now, haven’t we?). For those of us in need of a much cheaper version French Connection may just hit the spot with their Mister Magic Coat. Alternatively, go a bit (more) dotty like me and head for for their spotty and flared alternative.

And now, not that I like to complain, but where did the rain go??

PS I look SO tired in this photo… it was taken soooo early this morning. The perils of fashion blogging. I bet Audrey had her own make-up team…..
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One Response to Return of the Mac…

  1. You just need a nice brown belt to go with that now! ;o) x

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