Weekend Looks: Hermione Who???

I love ASOS. I really do. I sometimes break off my love affair when I see them doing cheap copies of fabulous Oscar outfits and selling Barbie dolls (shame on you, ASOS) but overall if I could shop here forever I’d be a very happy bunny.
Although I have only just bought a spotty mac (I know, I know…), I saw this Burberry Prorsum-esque copy in the recent ASOS style magazine and knew I had to have it. I think it’s going to look fantastic at summer weddings and well, I may be a tad cold but I’m already wearing it to work in the mornings. Emma Watson (who recently launched her own ethical clothing range for “People Tree”, which you can also purchase online at ASOS.com) models for Burberry and if you google her I am certain you will see her in lots of very similar looking Macs (also see posts below!)
ASOS I salute you. Hermione who??
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One Response to Weekend Looks: Hermione Who???

  1. kim says:

    i’m looking all over for this coat, and only recently i saw ASOS made a similar version. I wonder if i can buy it from you. I know i sound crazy but i really like this mac! Thanks

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