Weekend Looks: Jeggings???

This post is dedicated to both Ms L and Ms B who have asked for some advice on jeggings. Jeggings are everywhere these days. For those of you reading this who are unaccustomed to the use of the word “jeggings”, please be advised, this means a clothing item hybrid – part jeans, part leggings = jeggings.
I am a big fan of jeggings, I find them really comfortable and easy to wear. Ms L questions the ability of jeggings to remain at the waist during wearing – my reply to you Ms L would be that you just aren’t buying the right size or you need to eat more cupcakes (see post below).
A big question often asked of jeggings is what to wear them with. I’m not entirely sure I chose right for these photos – top just a little too high perhaps? I would suggest a tunic top or dress that comes just a little higher than mid thigh – but jeggings are great for the utility look this Spring / Summer so if you’ve got the body then why not go for a crop top. No boho floaty tunics over jeggings please, else I will be sending the fashion police.
Wearing: Jeggings, American Apparel. Gold top, Stella McCartney for Adidas. Shoes, ALDO, as before.
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One Response to Weekend Looks: Jeggings???

  1. Jeggins are fab to wear with longer tops, as you don't get the 'baggy at knees' effect that can sometimes happen to your skinnies after a day's wear – and they are more comfortable!

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