Looking Ahead…

So blog readers. Spring / Summer, lots of nudes and pastels. Autumn / Winter, early indications are that we’re back to more striking block colour, whilst retaining some of the ballet dancer look. The trends website http://www.fashiontrendsetter.com/ gives some ideas of where we’re going next season:
Dark Poetry (deep purples and greys)
Rustic Roots (browns, greys, waxy looks)
Trady Twist (purples, camel, grey)
and Body Performance (pastels, draping)
To help the transition from SS to AW I wonder if we can ease ourselves in gently by combining some of these ideas. I’m sticking with underwear as outerwear in these pictures here (secretly I am hoping this will die a death fairly soon) together with this amazing high waisted skirt.
Wearing: Skirt, Reiss (old season). Body, TopShop. Bra (just seen) American Apparel.
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2 Responses to Looking Ahead…

  1. Patricia says:

    I don't do pastels and nudes well . . first of all i guess i don't like them much and also i think they don't suit me. . is it a crime to stick to my brights which i love for summer? just bought the prettiest red dress. . do pastels suit mediterranean looking people?!

  2. I think it depends an awful lot on your skin tone. You see I would have thought pastel shades look so much better on olive skin rather than my pale tone… but there may be something about all that Mediterranean passion suiting brighter shades, because I think red always really suits you…!

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