Weekend Looks: In the Blue…

So this Easter weekend I had the opportunity to meet Yvan Rodic, or “Facehunter” http://facehunter.blogspot.com/ for his mini fashion shoot for Lacoste Brazil’s blog. We stood outside his flat near Regents Canal in East London (close to the lovely smells from Broadway Market, yum) and took some pictures, (it was rather cold, I’m faaar too moany to ever put up with what models must have to experience) and my Lacoste dress was very erm, orange (Yvan informed me Brazil see Lacoste in a way that feels very different from the way I felt wearing the dress!) Anyways, he was a very nice guy and I got to keep the dress, which I may shoot pictures of myself in a future post. What was interesting from the experience was that I spent more time choosing what to wear to go and visit the guy who takes amazing photos of lots of people all over the world than I probably did on the entire mini shoot itself.
But, in the end I chose this gorgeous blue and black dress to wear on Saturday, I don’t get the opportunity to wear it much, its got a beautiful cross over/part backless style but its young and funky too which gives it an edge. Plus, it goes really well with my mountaineer boots that I never want to take off (despite the heel height!)
Happy Easter to all my blog readers, further posts to come soon.
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