Look of Today #11: Off Duty Psychologist

Now it would be wrong of me to leave you all with the misguided assumption that, being a fashion blogger, I wear lovely trendy clothes all the time. (Okay, okay its only PARTly misguided…) Whilst trying to dress “me” rather than stereotypical psychologist (I shall be interested to see if my colleagues comment about this statement!!) when I get home the first thing I often do is change into something more, ahem, slovenly.
But then I also think this “off duty” look of boyfriend style jeans and T-Shirt is quite famous; wear with a cropped blazer and you have the backstage wear of models; wear the jeans tighter and with shudderingly high heeled shoes you are one off duty (ok she’s a Mum, she’s not really off duty, but she’s not doing her red carpet job) Mrs Beckham. Even reflecting on this post I agonised over several pairs of jeans to perfect my off duty look. But doesn’t it work oh so well for all activities, all times of the day, all levels of fashion-effort!!
Wearing: Jeans, ASOS; T-Shirt Marks & Spencers; Shoes, ALDO, as before. Sunglasses (just seen, Givenchy)
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