Weekend Looks: The White Isle

I know, I know, I’m becoming obsessed with white dresses now the sun is coming out. Either that or I’m getting excited about my trip to the White Isle as I’ve just booked flights to Ibiza for the first week of July…
The Observer Magazine had a fashion piece about the colour white today, I’ve included some pictures here as they were making the point that white is more than a mere blank canvas. I’ve purposely decided not to jazz this outfit up with accessories because I think that having a vision of what white can achieve on its own is really important – the white dress here, bought on Ebay, is a ‘Twenty8Twelve’ design (Sienna and Savannah Millers’ range) – it feels both simplistic but complicated (check out the many folds within the skirt!) The Observer photos are quite plain as well, and show many ideas for different ages of women (I realise, Blog Readers, that men have been very neglected on my blog so far!). I have another Ebay related purchase of a long sleeved white dress which I promise to post sometime soon, today it is far too sunny to cover up.
Happy SUNday Blog Readers!
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