Big Beauty Stuff: MACro-cosmetics!

Time for a beauty post. This post is indeed timely for two reasons:

1) When the weather gets hotter I need to re-think my make-up so it’s not melting off my face by midday, and (rather less importantly after that, I feel)

2) I am off to NYC at the weekend and I plan to make some cosmetic purchases from the US cosmetics brands I love so much.

Apologies to Bobbi Brown (number one favourite brand) but spring/summer is time for MAC (number two favourite brand) to shine. Quite literally when you see their gorgeous eye pigments. It’s like being back at Primary School again, throwing glitter liberally across prit-stick trails for Christmas card making. I’m not suggesting you do this with the pigment of course (but I do have an awful lot of spillage when I use this stuff, admittedly.)

Check out the Mac style forecast for spring/summer 10 on their website

Bold pinks, orangey-reds, bright purples and canary yellows.

For the transition into these colours from the winter I’d start with some basic pink and cream shadows. I suggest “Kitschmas” (a shimmering pink/mauve pearl colour) on top of your usual nude or cream eye shadow. Or try the “Naked” pigment too, its delightful….

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