Look of Today #12: Feeling Blue…

I’ve got all glum again, I’ve had two days back at work and I ain’t feeling it. I’m supposed to be glamming it up in NYC right now, grrrr!
But, ‘psychology alert’ as this is where I get some emotion into my blog. I really think we do choose clothes that reflect our mood, also influence our mood, and say something about our personalities. I reach for certain colours when I feel a certain way, I wear items to make me feel better on a grey day…
So here we have it. I’m feeling blue so I’m reaching for this outfit, which I bought in TopShop just before I was due to fly away. I really like dresses that can look simple yet interesting at the same time, and I like the addition of the zip on the diagonal. I actually tried to get dressed using it but it’s purely for decoration (and I’m showing my age.)
As for the backdrop of my local street, please imagine the Manhattan Skyline in place of the cars. You know you can do it (I’m still trying!)
ps You ain’t getting a smile from me in this post. I’ll be more cheery next time, I promise 🙂
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One Response to Look of Today #12: Feeling Blue…

  1. Becca-Lou says:

    Ohhh dear…Loving the dress and such a pity you didnt get to NY. On the up side imagine the debt had you been stuck there for a week or so all those boutiques. I was actually considering popping to NY from Iceland as the flights were still running to USA and then British airspace had to re-open….Willy Walsh has a lot to answer for in my book!

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