Weekend Looks: Maxi-ed Out Part One

This weekend I was at my first BBQ of 2010. Beautiful weather, fantastic company, great food and rather too much bubbly. Also a chance to escape the big city for the weekend for rest and recuperation for the week ahead 🙂
BBQ wear is always a bit difficult in my book. One has to judge the weather with canny accuracy! One moment (in the UK, anyway) the sun is out, the next you’re freezing; the wind has changed direction and all of a sudden your clothes are covered in smoke.
I turn to Maxi dresses to solve my BBQ related fashion conundrums. ASOS.com have a full section dedicated to Maxi dresses right now http://www.asos.com/Women/Dresses/Maxi-Dress/Cat/pgecategory.aspx?cid=9979 and the popular high street retailers are full of them already. Maxi dresses are prefect for dressing up or down depending on the time of the BBQ and whether your party is heading on and out afterwards. I love this blue maxi from ASOS, the straps are detachable, the draping is very “now” and I wore it alone in the afternoon and teamed it with a leather jacket with the sun went down.
Another Maxi dress post to come – believe it or not I had two BBQs this weekend. Summer may already be here 😉
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