Weekend Looks: Hell for Leather

The sun is gone, the rain is out. How to cover up hmmmm….. it is still warm so coat weather it ain’t. Time for the leather jacket to come out, my Spring to Summer transition jacket. A bit of Psychology on the blog now, think of the jacket like one of Winnicott’s Transitional Objects, comforting me through all these weird changes in the weather!
J’adore this Ted Baker leather jacket. When I bought it a few years back it was the most expensive thing I’d purchased that wasn’t a dress (I am yet to buy an expensive bag or pair of shoes, I don’t do expensive for anything that hits the floor regularly) and I hardly wore it because then it got super hot a few years back. Amazingly I’d almost forgotten it was in my wardrobe. And, contrary to popular belief, my wardrobe is actually quite small. Honestly, come and take a look…
Anyways time to rock the leather jacket look this weekend, it’s a bit of sun, a bit rain, a bit of wind all rolled into one so this jacket pretty much hits the spot. Ted Baker are currently doing quite a few of these as usual – I’ve included some pictures here so you can view the updated styles. Let’s do some Biker Chic this month, Blog Readers….
Wearing: Jeans, ASOS.com as before. Pink leotard also ASOS. Shoes, ALDO, as before. Leather Jacket, Ted Baker old season.
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2 Responses to Weekend Looks: Hell for Leather

  1. Ann says:

    same oscillating weather in Northern Italy, so a 'transition jacket' is always at hand here too, and I did buy myself a similar (black, biker-style) one this year!PS I think I'll quote your profound thought about expensive shoes & bags somewhere, I like it and I agree!

  2. seriously I always feel so weird about spending lots of money on things that hit the floor regularly! Especially being so busy walking everywhere in London! Checked out the Milan weather – I think you will be needing a raincoat and umbrella this week MissAnnAbin 😦

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