Can I Wear: Green…?

A bit of Irish in me (Grandfather), a bit of a reddish tint in my hair and a whole heap of freckles come the sun yet I still can’t quite get my head around wearing the colour green. I’ve seen some amazing green coloured dresses recently, here on my post I’m featuring one from the new ASOS BLACK range: ( their ruffle roses dress (£79) along with a Roberto Cavalli silk satin gown and a Julien MacDonald Swarovski-embellished satin gown (both available online at
Something about the meaning of the colour green interests me. It is about life and nature, about growth and health, renewal and the environment. On the flip side of things it is about jealousy and envy (the green-eyed monster) and inexperience. The two sides together make for an interesting fashion experience!
Inexperience is entirely relevant to this post because the dress I am wearing, I bought at university (many million years ago now). It was bought at an independent shop and then stuffed at the back of my wardrobe for years before I actually had the courage to wear it (as you can see, it is very very tight!) Finding it and wearing it again (renewal) reminds me how far I’ve come in developing my interests and sense of style.
Wearing: Dress, unknown! Shoes, Marks & Spencers.
Yes, Blog readers, we CAN wear green.

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