Can I wear: white(off white? cream?) to a wedding…?

I’ve just noticed I’m looking quite serious in these photos. I must be thinking, can I get away with wearing this dress to a wedding, despite it being off white and bandeau style (basically, will the bride frown at me or not?) It’s amazing, the number of etiquette guides for weddings that exist. These quotes below will give you an idea of the current thinking on guests wearing white/off white or cream to a wedding:

“If you’re a guest at a wedding, don’t wear a long white dress – doing so is a BIG no-no!”
Ok, so we are in agreement with this one, no arguments there.

“Personally I don’t think so, unless in small quantities with another colour. I wouldn’t like it at my wedding, but it depends on the bride.”
Poor etiquette to email the bride to be a photo of your outfit before hand for any comments though, I would think?

“Don’t wear white because it competes with the bride. There are plenty of other colours available”
That’s told me then. Although this comment did appear on the same guide that tells me “if you have to ask if it’s appropriate, it probably isn’t”

So the consensus then is no, this dress must stay in the wardrobe to be worn another day. The dress in the picture is another of my purchases from Ebay. I don’t normally go for strapless but I think it works because the graded colour shading on the dress draws the eye downwards. There is a whole other post I could do on wearing white shoes (to any location, ever) but that’s also for another day.

To add – if you think I could get away with this for a wedding, please post a comment to rival etiquette guides everywhere.

Happy bank holiday Monday blog readers!

Wearing: Dress from Ebay (£20 bargain). Shoes, Marks and Spencer (yes, I go in there more now I’m getting older, but I also did TopShop on the same day).

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