Look of Today#15: Back In The Pink

I hate pink. Well I used to hate pink before the lovely comments I received about a previous blog post about a pale pink dress for a wedding, so now pink is very much back in the game.

I think one of the things I have against pink is that many psychiatric hospitals were painted pink because of the supposed effect of the colour to calm people down. I’ve seen far too many pink walls over the past few years (as a doctor as opposed to a patient, I might add!) Pink is the softer shade of red; whilst red stirs up passion and action, studies actually exist that show pink to create physical weakness in people. I think if we can get beyond the obvious “sugar, spice and all things nice” representation, pink is a great colour for summer. Everyone generally feels happier in summer I think, pink is the colour of love and therefore pink has a kind of soothing energy.

There are a lot of pastel pink shades around at the moment with the nude trend, but I like this hot pink dress from Kookai www.kookai.com (it also feels like something Charlotte in Sex and the City might wear, I’ve been influenced by past episodes of the series this week!) It is perhaps more a fiery energy than a soothing energy (a bold pink rather than a gentle pink) but well it is Friday, and on a Friday I always need a bit more energy in the office anyway.

Variations on this theme:

Look at the new Grecian wrap front dress from Reiss, a sassy red colour www.reiss.co.uk and the new ASOS black range for their pink ruffle dresses.

Happy Friday blog readers 😉

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3 Responses to Look of Today#15: Back In The Pink

  1. Angela says:

    Interesting thoughts on the colour of pink!

  2. You look lovely in this dress! I couldn't pull of bright pink with my red hair… so it is always lovely to see someone who can!

  3. Thanks for the comments ladies! Angela – do you wear much pink? CitygirlStyle – welcome back 😉 looking out for your tweets and posts!

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