Can I Wear: Draped Trousers?

I’m such a dress person it almost pained me to put the look together for this recent blog post but now I have to admit I’m a total convert to draped trousers. Yes, we’ve all seem Carrie et al strutting their stuff around Abu Dhabi in their long pants in the latest Sex and The City movie, but, blog reader, I need to impress on you all the difference (in my mind, anyway) between draped trousers and harem pants. NO dropped crotches on my lovely draped trousers, you see….!
I think that the biggest challenge with draped trousers (aside of remembering there is no point in asking the question ‘does my bum look big in this?’ because honey, it’s meant to) is how to balance the weight and shape with the top part of your outfit. Last year when draped trousers appeared on the catwalks, Balmain showed the pants accompanied by strong shoulders. In the pictures here I’ve chosen a simple, plain black body for the “top” of the outfit because I wanted the focus to be on the trousers alone – I agree that this would be a killer outfit with a sharp shouldered jacket, however!
So here we have it, we can wear draped trousers. For those of you even bolder than me, Vogue have a recent trend report on printed pantaloons, so check it out:
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