Can I wear: Metallics…?

I’ve been thinking about a metallics post recently and I’ve gone round the houses wondering whether to post my gold ‘mirror’ shoes in more detail or whether to feature the cheap gold bowling bag that always gets nice comments wherever I go etc etc. Finally I decided on this silver skirt, because whilst gold can be a bit of bling when you need it, I’m not too sure about silver, and today I felt like a challenge…
This skirt is a silver-grey colour denoting both earthy as well as elegant. The problem I have with it is that silver does not have the same warmth as gold (I’m forever being told I look pale, so I’m not sure I need much coolness/silver in my wardrobe) but I wonder if in the heat of the summer silver can be a clever and different option.
Another feature of this skirt is the high waisted-ness. I’m all about the high waisted-ness as you know and this skirt is no exception. I tried it on with a number of different tops until I realised it went very well with the body from recent posts, on the first picture above however I think it could be balanced out a little more with some shoulders….
Comments on wearing silver please….?
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