Whether its T in the Park, Download or Glastonbury the kit (as well as the music) just has to be right. Now this post will mean I come into quite a lot of stick from friends who know I have turned down several offers to go camping over the past years (I had a traumatic experience at Guide Camp, I still have dreams even now…) but what can I say, a post about festival style has been requested so here we have it…
I’ve been heavily influenced by today’s London weather of sparkling sunshine and intermittent downpours for this outfit – I got very cold legs wearing a skirt earlier and I can imagine some wellies pullied on over the skinny jeans in the pictures above! I did go for a teeny bit of layering here – just underneath the drop armhole T-Shirt is the black body from Sunday’s posting – and whilst I toyed with the idea of cut-offs for the post, I’ve seen so much cut off denim lately I’ve gone back to the skinny jeans looks for this post (I fear I will not want to see denim cut-offs or maxi dresses for a long time after this summer, sigh…)
So there we have it, a bit of style for the festival season. I on the other hand will be wearing it in Ibiza very soon, probably in the lounge garden of KM5 which reminds me I will post some Ibiza style photos after my visits over the next two months.
Wearing: Bleached Biker Skinny Jeans and Reflected Swans Vest both from ASOS, Body (just seen) Reiss, as before. Nude shoes from ALDO.
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