Can I Wear: Karen Millen…?

Someone once told me that “Karen Millen” was the most searched for female clothing brand on Ebay. I’m starting to believe this on account of the vast number of Karen Millen products available to BNWT * or sold as used. I’ve gotten so into Ebay lately that I think I might need to develop a restraint mechanism to prevent constant pushing of the ‘place bid’ button, but nevertheless I did get this fabulous colour block Karen Millen dress for £20 from the site last month.

I’ve only worn the dress once, on account of the fact that it is white, I have Transport for London to contend with, and there is something of bondage about it. I’m growing to like it a lot, Karen Millen do best with their plainer dresses rather than their fancy stuff in my opinion – a few of the Ebay dresses on sale that I like, I’ve posted photos of here.
So go and have a Karen Millen browse. And do let me know if you find any bargains…

*Buy New With Tags**. You know, this really did take me a while to work out, ho hum.
**Or fallen off the back of a bus, or whatever. Don’t judge me
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One Response to Can I Wear: Karen Millen…?

  1. Really like that dress!!! The subtle hint at bondage makes it more sophisticated than most othe bondage trend garments. Very nice! xxx

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