Kate Moss at TopShop

Whilst the “am I really too old for TopShop?” debate rages, Kate Moss continues to cook up a storm with the brand. I realise her ‘new’ range has been out for a while but it was only recently I went to take a look in the Oxford Street store at what Miss Moss has on offer (and what was indeed left after the frightful queues and endless battles of the collection’s opening days, of course).
Although I’m not usually a chiffon fan there were some elements of the latest collection that kinda got to me, like this yellow maxi dress, which had me thinking about either the 70s or the 20s, I can’t quite think which fits the design…. Her black silk blazer also hit the spot however predicatably, there were hardly any left (damn you tweens and teens)!
I came away from the store with this grey mini dress that I wear all the time on lazy and hot weekends. Not very rock and roll, Miss pole-dancing-for-the-White-Stripes Moss, but then again I wonder if I ain’t rather more of an M&S person these days…
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