Flapping and Fringing…

I always seem to have one type of fashion obsession at any one time. Currently it is fringing. I can’t work out if this is the 20s style flapper fringing or the Wild West variety, but fringing it is. I found some amazing black fringed shorts on ASOS yesterday and I’ve now gone and dug out my fringed dress from two years ago (good old TopShop) to get me back into the swing of things. I do like this dress, I wear it to work occasionally and I imagine myself springing into some kind of dance in-front of my patients (we call that healthy modelling in the World of Psychology, ahem) just like a Woody Allen film.
So, I think this dress will make it into my Ibiza packing tomorrow, I’m off to the White Isle for a week Blog Readers so I’ll be tweeting whilst away http://www.twitter.com/styleonthecouch and blogging when I get back.
Wearing: Dress from TopShop. Shoes: As before.
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3 Responses to Flapping and Fringing…

  1. Becca-Lou says:

    I've got a fringed dress which I really like (although was a cheapy from H&M)…the only problem is I mutate into a 5 year old when wearing it. I cant stop running my fingers through the fringing and and a constant desperate need to twirl. Not quite the sophisticated girl about town look I generally aim for

  2. Ha ha that's brilliant Becca-Lou! But do you yee haw, as I sometimes yee haw too 🙂

  3. Becca-Lou says:

    Have to admit I havent thought about yee haw-ing….maybe will try it with cowboy boots and a stetson next time

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