Sassy Girl

So, blog reader, if you can tear yourselves away from the Autumn / Winter collections for just a moment, let us stay with summer looks. I’ve got a few posts to come following a very hot and dreamy* holiday in Ibiza, where I stayed with my friend Ms C, unfortunately a rock chick but very good at cultural acclimatisation it seems. I tweeted about my misfortune in discovering that Reiss launched their Sassy dress in black the day before my trip, but really I shouldn’t have worried at all since Reiss’ Hampstead branch was slap bang in the middle of two shops I needed for last minute holiday purchases the morning of my flight. And the dress in my size they had, oh how happy was I.
Several definitions of the word ‘Sassy’ exist:

1. Rude and disrespectful; impudent.
2. Lively and spirited; jaunty.
3. Stylish; chic

I vote for number three in this case. This dress is a fantastic length and style for me, I wore it out twice in Ibiza Town during my holiday and loved the cross-over neckline, the Grecian draped look and the ability of the dress to give me some waist. Here I am wearing it with some Reiss shoes I found in the sale, fringed (see previous post, told you I was obsessed) but deserving of a post all on their own so I won’t say more about the shoes for now.
The Sassy dress is available in black, nude (beautiful however not for the pale skinned) and fuschia. I think it is a great look for weddings and all things summery this year.
Wearing: Dress and shoes, both from Reiss.
*I said “dreamy” not “steamy”.
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