The Brilliance of ASOS: & one of my favourite LBDs.

Usually when I get asked where I bought a certain outfit, the answer is: “ASOS”. I found ASOS a long time ago, when the brands were quite minimal, and the ASOS own range seemed fairly limited in scope. Look at the site now and you’ll find a completely different story, with so many different ranges and price options. The site is often my first port of call for speedy purchases using their fantastic next day delivery service. I’m signing up to their ‘premier service’, which provides unlimited free next day collection and returns for just £24.95 a year. I’ve found the sizes can be a little hit and miss, but knowing my shape and style means I’ve sent few items back. This is an absolute lifesaver when you’re in need of something for the weekend with no time to get out to the shops, but this doesn’t mean the fun is taken out of shopping as browsing their site is pretty entertaining with their catwalk movies (you’ll find the choice of music attached to different brands interesting too, honestly!!)
So I’m a big ASOS fan, but especially for dresses, including the ASOS black range (check out the heavy ruffle shoulder dress). The ASOS dress I’ve posted here was a present to me, from my sister – it is such a wow dress it has joined me on my travels to Miami and recently to Ibiza – I’ve featured it on the blog before, but it really does deserve another outing. After taking the photos above, my friend Ms C then ‘stole’ the dress for herself, and we had a whole other fashion shoot to do….
You can find another image of the dress in the background of my Twitter account so please check it out:
Wearing: Dress from ASOS Shoes: Reiss, as before. Ms C’s dress: French Connection old season.
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