Ra Ra and Fringing

Another blog post from the Ibiza holiday. What can I say – the early evening sun makes for such a great photo shoot…
I’ve been banging on about these fringed shoes for ages now and these photos finally do them justice. I’ve just packed them for a wedding I’m attending this weekend, and I haven’t decided on the other parts of the outfit yet! I think the T Bar shape of the shoes lends them to either short or long dresses as well as skinny trousers/jeans – the style offers something a bit more substantial than just strappy sandals which means your footwear is going to be noticed. I like the chunky heel too and I expect I will even more tomorrow when the final dance of the wedding disco comes on and they (hopefully) won’t have been discarded in favour of bare foot dancing…
The black vest top in the post is from the Kate Moss for TopShop range. It’s a really long vest, comes down almost to the length of the skirt in fact, and the skirt itself is from the Reiss sale – it is now selling at just £27 http://www.reiss.co.uk/shop/womens/reiss_sale/tammy/black/ It reminds me of a Ra Ra style skirt from my old dance classes when I was younger, its kinda fun and flirtatious, I like the swishing when it moves….
Wearing: Skirt and shoes, Reiss. Sunglasses, Givenchy. Vest top, TopShop
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