The Woman in Black

News to me but not perhaps to people who know me quite well is that the majority of my latest posts have been about black dresses, or skirts and tops but basically all in black. So, with a short sharp intake and breath and before I go embrace the colour trend that is “tribal” the final black tribute comes in the shape and form of this maxi dress from French Connection.
I’d pretty much written off French Connection recently (too much, ahem, bold colours in combination) but this dress I found when searching for a birthday present for my sister (who is so much better with colour than me). I only own one other maxi dress (see previous post!) but I’m not so much counting this as a ‘maxi’, more of a classic in line and shape. It has a gorgeous plunge neckline and elegant slinky length… I’m seeing it more as evening wear than day wear really.
So there we have it. Black and I are departing company for a while. I’ll always love you, Black, but right now I need something new in my life.
Wearing: Dress from French Connection
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2 Responses to The Woman in Black

  1. Gorgeous Dress!!!

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