Scarlet Fever

When I was younger I was mesmerised by the classic movie “The Red Shoes”. For those of you who haven’t seen the film, the fairytale is based around a young ballerina forced to choose between art and love. There is a fantastic scene in the movie, with the protagonist running down a never ending flight of stairs, the camera focusing on her bright red shoes.
The colour of anger and sin
The colour of warning.
The colour of courage and sacrifice.
Finally, the colour of passion and of sex.
There is even a piece of psychological research that men find women who wear red more attractive.
So ladies, look at all the splashes of red on the Spring/Summer catwalks as you’ll find plenty of the colour around. A quick look at netaporter and I found these dresses from Michael Kors, Gucci, Alice by Temperley and Victoria Beckham.
If you feel that all over red is too much, then Vogue UK tells us to wear it with camel (all over the Autumn/Winter catwalks)
On a related theme, check out the Mango ‘Scarlett’ (as in Johansson) range, I don’t usually like Mango but I’m quite fond of some of the styles here.
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2 Responses to Scarlet Fever

  1. You look lovely! Love the psychological side of this post – v interesting! Also my bfs Aunts fav film is 'The Red Shoes' but I have to say I haven't got round to seeing it yet!

  2. I cannot believe you have not seen that film! Some rainy day you MUST hire it out! Thanks for popping in to my blog world x

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