Can I wear: Multicolour? (Sub-title: From Monochrome Minimalism to Multi-colour)

I don’t know where to start with this post. I had to drag myself outside for the photos, never in a million years would you normally catch me in anything a)so short b)strapless and c)patterned. The purpose of this post however is twofold. Firstly to demonstrate the eye catching power of colour (I wear so much black, I often forget) and secondly to showcase a few of the many multicoloured frocks around at the moment. This evening I have been dazzled by many styles on Net-a-porter.
I’m aware that these patterns dresses are a marked contrast to the minimalism that defines a lot of the Autumn / Winter collections at the moment. I like the long sleeved and short multi-coloured dresses, I try and imagine them in the winter with some thick black tights underneath, their colours shouting loudly across the wintry sky… a long sleeved/short dress is next on my “to buy” list*.
Leaving aside the small matter of this dress being for a woman half my age, I’ll refer you, blog reader, to one issue this post had in mind. The issue of multicolour. I actually quite liked the colours of this dress, and felt quite bold and confident wearing it. So it is certain. We may not be able to wear this dress in public, but we CAN wear multi-colour.
Wearing: Dress and shoes from Ebay.
In pictures, clockwise from top left: Dresses from French Connection, Matthew Williamson, Karen Millen and Emilio Pucci
*It is a long list. It might take some time.
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3 Responses to Can I wear: Multicolour? (Sub-title: From Monochrome Minimalism to Multi-colour)

  1. ReallyRee says:

    Are you mad woman? You look great. It would be rude not to wear it in public!!ReeXXX

  2. Petulisa says:

    You look amazing in the dress. the colours really suit you too!

  3. Well ladies I might need to have a re-think then! Perhaps I am far too used to wearing black and white and need to branch out! Thank you both for stopping by 😉

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