The Big Miaow

The subtitle to this post is: Can I wear… Leopard print?? I saw this beautiful Vivienne Westwood Red Label skirt on netaporter and a quick search for more animal print fashions revealed this grey T-Shirt from Reiss and this gorgeous Mulberry bag. There is always leopard print around! Time to locate the animal within, I thought, remembering this three year old dress from ASOS (I am a clothes-hoarder, blog reader).
However, with leopard print it is the marmite principle as applied to fashion: the love it or loathe it dilemma. I think another principle applies here: better to wear the print in a ‘less is more’ kind of way – one printed item at a time if you please: the ASOS dress here even with a black belt is just a bit “too much”. I’ve always thought this works best with shoes; leopard print heels worn with a simple black dress or skinny jeans can have a dramatic effect, like the wonderful Christian Louboutins above (pictures, top).
Anyway. Enough for now. I am off to find Wilma.
Wearing: Dress, ASOS. Belt, COS as before.
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