Rolling out the sleeves…

So it has got rather chilly and I’m starting to break out the winter wardrobe already.  For me the first port of call is a-dress-with-sleeves.  It is like I am not quite ready to believe that summer is in the past because I still want to put my legs on show, but at the same time I do not want to feel the chill.  So what do I do? I return to COS: and I search for a dress that meets my requirements.  Look what I found here, a full length sleeved just-above-the-knee dress with oh-so-slightly flared skirt, cinched-in-at-the-waist.  Perfect for a transition item summer-winter.

I would be interested to hear how my readers are coping with the weather this time of year.  Am I the only one to be digging out the winter wardrobe right now?

Wearing: Dress and belt both from COS; shoes, as before.

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One Response to Rolling out the sleeves…

  1. Nina says:

    I’m loving the black everything look!

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