Hat Trick

I love hats but with my mass of dark brown curly hair I am never quite sure if a)I can pull them off and b)whether or not the size and amount of hair I have makes for a massive hat hair faux pas if ever I was to remove the hat for a time during its outing.  (I actually think hat hair probably is a faux pas in itself, but you get what I’m talking about I’m sure.)

So I have tried on a lot of hats over the last week.  Trilby (too Frank Sinatra) Fedora (very Dick Tracy, on me more Indiana Jones) and even Panama (too much erm, straw).  In the end, back in my old faithful, Reiss, I found a kind of hybrid hat that I thought might work for me.  I’ll be interested to know what my readers think, plus suggestions for what to wear it with this Autumn as I find my place in the world of hat wearers.

Wearing: Hat, Reiss.  Dress (just seen) from ASOS.

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4 Responses to Hat Trick

  1. Maureen Robotham says:

    Perfik! x

  2. Milla says:

    Love the bow on the dress, and your nails are immaculate. Yes, I notice every little detail!



  3. The Red Umbrella Chronicles says:

    This hat works so well on you. Looks fab. Cool and street stylish without being over the top. Very good find – you can always rely on Reiss!


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