NYC or bust…

It may not be the time to be buying new clothes right now, before I move to NYC, but I have been looking for some evening wear to cover all party-eventualities over the next few months:

1) My birthday

2) Christmas parties

3) Leaving do

4) New Year’s Eve.

Quite a lot to look forward to!  I wish I could be a girl who likes sparkles for parties but I’m much more of a classic clothing kinda woman.  But you must already know this, there is a lot of black and white on my blog…  Well, I found a bustier in Reiss (the same *expensive* shopping trip as when I bought the hat, man I should avoid Reiss like the plague it is too dangerous for me) and it is a perfect partner for many of the high waisted items in my wardrobe and for something elegant to go party in.  I’m thinking a tailored jacket or shrug will go well with this look, and I hope to find some killer heels to finish it off too.

Wearing: Bustier, Reiss; Skirt, French Connection (old season).  Heels, ALDO as before.

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2 Responses to NYC or bust…

  1. Milla says:

    Great choice for all 4 occasions – great taste, as always!!


  2. Totally agree with @milla. And with some (small) accessory changes the list of festivities can go on and on 😉

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