Sparkle Girl.

Is anyone wearing sequins anymore?  I sure am!

Wearing: Dress / (top?) from Topshop

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6 Responses to Sparkle Girl.

  1. Milla says:

    I have no desire to sound like a college boy but you look seriously hot in that dress! I’ve seen so many dresses like that (French Connection had a great one last Christmas) but as a little worried about styling it. Where would you wear this dress? Great for the summer season but girl, you’re going to need some stocking in NYC because it is ice-cold!

    • Haha thank you! 😉 I think the dress could be a NYE party but I agree the styling is difficult. It needs to be worn quite plain, I have a black tux style jacket that looks quite good with it but then it’s black and blue which I’m never quite sure of. I think in Manhattan it’s going to stay in my wardrobe for a while though, you’re right!

  2. I’ve still got a sequined tunic from last season Topshop… and some sequined leggings! I need it to be a little colder and darker yet before I’ll feel like digging them out yet I think. you look lovely in this dress, maybe it will inpsire me to do so! xx

    • I have sequinned leggings too! I think they are from ASOS. Where did you wear the tunic after you bought it? Milla and I are thinking of the occasion we need to wear sparkles… (Failing that we might just have to have some sort of sparkle party and wear them together.)

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