Belt Up.

Sometimes I want a chunky belt.

Sometimes I want a thin, skinny belt.

Sometimes I want something in between.

I bought this belt from Ebay, drawn to the Chanel-like colours of the three strands of leather.  You might have seen it recently on the feature I did for Le Choix Trois ( I’m not sure this photo does it justice: the top strand is black, then a pale/nude pink shade, followed by an off white.  The three colours mean so many different opportunities for wearing.  Everyone should own something like this to belt up!

Wearing: Belt, Ebay.  Shift dress, Reiss, as before.

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4 Responses to Belt Up.

  1. Stylista says:

    Love the three strands! Simple yet elegant. Looks great against the white dress.

  2. The Red Umbrella Chronicles says:

    Love it. So unique. It really stands out.

  3. CinZilicious says:

    omg, dont even get me started on belts! i live for belts, mainly chunky ones:) Im planning to blog about belts in the near future so pls stay tuned! and btw, lovin ur belt, love how it has 3 strands too, unique and looks elegant!!!


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