Reiss and Marie Claire UK Event.

So this evening I went along to the Reiss/Marie Claire UK event, described as a “sparkling evening of fashion, drinks, beauty and music”.  The DJ did indeed spin some fantastic tunes and I will admit to some dancing around the changing rooms to Human League’s don’t you want me baybeeeeeee. I did do a lot of ‘wanting’ tonight, with dresses being the coveted items…

When I arrived at the Barrett Street Reiss store at 6.45pm it seemed fairly empty.  I felt like I had turned up too early to my own party ;-( I did wonder if the event was just at the wrong time of the year – too early to be thinking of festive party clothes but also a little too close to Christmas to mean people might spend money on themselves instead of saving for presents for others?  However, seasonal angst was not it.  By the time I came out of the changing room having tried on a few items and gyrating to return of the Mac (in the privacy of the changing rooms, you understand), the store was very busy and a lot of free champagne was being passed round.  Thank you Reiss and Marie Claire UK!

I tried on three dresses tonight.  A big thank you to my personal shoppers from Twitter land, @lespavesdeparis (check out her wonderful blog here: and @Rebmusik, who managed to give style advice deep from the Surrey countryside.  They tweeted opinions on their favourite looks.  I cannot reveal the “winning” dress just yet, I’m keeping it under wraps for the time being (I bet you hate me), but one of these dresses is going to get a lot of wear this winter, I fell in love.  Again with Reiss.  Shares. I should take out shares, I tell you.

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6 Responses to Reiss and Marie Claire UK Event.

  1. I bet it is the blue one…..

    And it is true, all good things come in three 😉

    Bisous cherie!

  2. Olivine says:

    I know it is the blue one ! You look great in it ! I want to see that in real photo ! 🙂

  3. Stylista says:

    I love all the dresses shown. Seriously. They’re all so cute.

  4. The Red Umbrella Chronicles says:

    Love those dresses. Great choices. Love all the mentions of the tunes in the changing rooms. Classic tracks. Would have loved to have gone!

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