A Couch In New York*

I’m back in London now but this post shows my final outfit during the apartment hunting expedition.  Those following me on Twitter (www.twitter.com/styleonthecouch) will know that on Thursday I managed to secure a flat in the East Village for next year, which is great news!  I have also been blown away by all the comments on the blog whilst I was in Manhattan, so thank you to my readers.

Thursday and Friday were less erm “breezy” (for breezy read wind-chillin’) so I opted for this 20s style dress by Oasis with chunky warming layers and the obligatory black wool knit tights for this time of year in NYC.  I had a fabulous breakfast at the deserted art deco style Beekman Tower hotel (thank you Mr Waiter Man for the photo, I think you have a new career aside of waiting tables) before mooching around the shops of Spring Street, Broome Street and the Lower East Side prior to catching my flight home.  Although I’m confusing myself with where home is right now…

Thanks all for reading!

*actually a film starring Juliet Binoche.  The plot is this: Dr. Henry Harriston is a successful psychoanalyst in New York City. When he is near a nervous breakdown, he arranges to change his flat with Beatrice Saulnier from France for a while. Both don’t know each other and both find themselves deeply involved into the social settings of the other, because the decision to change their flats is made overnight. Could be the perfect amusement, but suddenly Henry finds himself beaten up by Beatrice’ lover and Beatrice is considered to be Dr. Harriston’s substitute by his clients. Definitely one to watch!

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13 Responses to A Couch In New York*

  1. cam says:

    oh, what great news indeed! love the all black look! very elegant! all the best wishes your new NYC adventure! xoxo

  2. Nicolas says:

    great pictures, always beautifull

  3. Carly says:

    I adore this dress on you! Gorg!
    We are both channeling the ROARING 20’s!

  4. many thanks for your comments ❤
    i bought the bow bracelet online 🙂

  5. Reena says:

    You look stunning! Love the chic black. Good luck with the apartment hunt

  6. Stylista says:

    Oh yay! You secured an apartment! It must be such a relief. And what a gorgeous all-black outfit for apartment hunting. You’re quite dressed up for the occasion, but I dress up to go to the supermarket, so I’m loving what you wore!


  7. Sarah says:

    Thanks for the comment – your blog is so lovely! Good luck in your NYC adventure and welcome to the neighborhood 🙂

  8. Congratulations on your new flat! How very exciting!!! I’m putting that movie on my list, thanks for the rec!

  9. Oh and I’m happy to report that I did not fall down in my heels yesterday 🙂 winter 0, me 1

  10. Hi gorgeous,

    So happy for you! This is my favourite outfit so far. You look really cool (and I would have strained my neck if we had met in the streets). BUT I’m missing the sheepskin boots hehe!


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