A Williamsburg Brunch.

My first week in Manhattan has been an adventure in itself.  I’ve mostly focussed on exploring downtown Manhattan these past few days but I’ve also travelled over to Brooklyn, to see Park Slope and Williamsburg.  Yesterday I met a writer friend for lunch* and walked back from Brooklyn across the Williamsburg Bridge.  The sun was shining and the buildings of Manhattan were glistening in the light – I’m still wowed by my new skyline!

It’s starting to feel very cold here, so yesterday I was wearing layers: I wore my new Reiss funnel neck coat with belt, Reiss leggings, my Dune Tavern boots, old River Island Jacket and my new ASOS Black cut out silk tank.  This is such a basic outfit -I mainly want to show you all the ASOS top – the photos doesn’t show the silk tank well, so I’ve given another picture below as I love the style of the back and can’t wait for summer to show it off properly!

I think my ‘fashion mission’ for the next week or so is to find a good, stylish pair of sunglasses as you’re just not a proper Manhattan-ite without them it seems.  I have an old square pair but I want some big, round sunnies or aviators.  Suggestions as always, welcome!


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15 Responses to A Williamsburg Brunch.

  1. glad to see you’re settling in. how about seeking out some really cool vintage sunglasses ? lucky you that you need them, we’re still in wooly hats and mittens !

  2. I really like your boots !
    What about Chloé sunglasses ? They’re really big 🙂

  3. stylemefab says:

    Ok….I love love this outfit. The contrast of the blue top on black is just perfect….and the boots are FAB!! Happy to hear you are settling in well. NYC looks dreamy…i blame Sex and the city….

  4. samreen says:

    It sounds magical and you look fab! x

  5. Carly says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE those boots. Awesome!

    As for sunglasses suggestion…I wear RayBans…classic. Other than that, I really have no idea…I don’t wear them that often.

    Have fun exploring and settling in:)

  6. Toni says:

    I just love your style – you wear everything so well!

  7. Happy new year darling!

    Hope 2011 will bring you lots of fabulous adventures, good fortune and happiness all in good health.
    So glad to see you enjoying your new city. I’m a little jealous, I must say. I love the blue on you and the boots are amazing. Can’t wait to see the first item bought in NY in one of your posts.


    Le Choix Trois
    Fashion is all about choices. What will you choose?

  8. CinZilicious says:

    You’re right, simple outfit but i loveeeeeeee it!!! that lovely blue is sooo pretty and outstandin in contrast to the black:) Btw, how many degrees is it over there? lol…dont seem that cold?

    Ahhh….a little exploration around NY eh? I was in NY 3 agos and i walked from Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan Bridge and all the way to Wall Street….Yes it was insane but i loved everything i saw! Ahhhh…i miss the big apple!

    Happy Weekend!!


  9. CinZilicious says:

    whoopsie daisy,i meant to say 3 years ago….=P

  10. Fabulous pictures. It looks like you are really settling in. And you are right, when I came to NYC it was the coldes week ever. Now it is still freezing but at least the snow is almost gone. As for sunglasses I have the RayBan aviators and I love them and if you want large round ones, Tom Ford makes really good ones. I actually want cat-eye shaped sunglasses for the new year …


  11. Your Manhattan life is sounding so glamorous 🙂 I’d go for aviators!!! Hope you are doing well…I’m excited to be home from the states – and able to read blogs…like yours!! again 🙂

  12. Style Souk says:


    Those boots! They’re outrageously, sexily, fabulously kick ass!

    You should definitely invest in some new sunglasses. Make like Jackie O – who, incidentally, you look more than a little alike! – and swish around your new city in a pair of large, statement-making bug eye shades.

    Sarah x


  13. Stylista says:

    Exploring is always fun! But it sure does look chilly outside! You’ve got good layering going on there though. I hope you find a good pair of sunglasses!


  14. LizAnn says:

    Love the back on that last shirt! It’s gorgeous!

    VPV Intern

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