You Can Be My Wingman Anytime.

Buying sunglasses this week in Manhattan was a very difficult mission.  Yes, sunglasses in January, I see on the streets around me that you’re just not a proper Manhattan-ite without these even in winter. (I’d like to know other countries where this is also the case, I can’t say I’ve noticed it much in London).

There really are some fantastic styles around at the moment and thank you to everyone who commented on my last blog post with advice on what I could buy.  I was quite taken by cat’s eye sunglasses, like these fabulous ‘Nikita’ frames by Tom Ford:

However Saks Fifth Avenue, where I was, armed with gift voucher to spend (thank you to my gorgeous friend Tamsin for the Christmas present) didn’t have a lot of choice in this style.  Another suggestion was Celine – glorious, glamorous shades you can hide behind.  Sadly I was told my face was too small for these (I’m still pondering this) so onto the next…

Prada. Oh Prada Prada Prada I could have quite happily bought the whole collection there and then had I the finances.  I LOVED the Prada range, but I decided in the future I’d like to buy Prada spectacles for work and everyday use, so had to tear myself away from the collection fast (the process of this was akin to removing a sticking plaster from skin. I had to do it quickly.) Looking at Prada reminded me of this amazing sketch of THE sunglasses from Prada’s SS2011 collection, drawn by the fabulous artist Chrisje of Please do visit her blog when you have time, I’m a huge fan of her artwork.

So.  Where did this leave me?


I’ve not really explored Fendi sunglasses before, but I did find some amazing images from their SS2011 shows before I went to Saks:

And then I saw them.  My Fendi aviators.  I’m in love…..

Thanks again to everyone who suggested a style for me via the blog and twitter.  If I get round to buying new Prada spectacles and Cat’s Eye shades in the summer, I’ll be sure to let you know.

P.S Check out this blog if you have an eyewear fetish (or just like glasses/sunglasses):

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14 Responses to You Can Be My Wingman Anytime.

  1. Milla says:

    I have to say that whenever I’ve seen the aviator-style in magazines I haven’t liked it. Clearly they need to hire you! With your hair gorgeously up like that (very big city girl BTW), it seems as though Fendi had you in mind! You look amazing! Seriously loving this look on you.

    I’m glad that I’m not the only person who wears sunglasses year-round. My mother thinks I’m crazy and mocks me endlessly. Since she gave me life, I don’t mind so much.

    I’ve had the same Chanel pair for 2 years. Thanks for inspiring me to try something new.

  2. Carly says:

    aviators are my fav…all I wear are rayban aviators and than I have ONE pair of pradas, which are pretty fabulous but very beat up.

    Anyway…totally classic and beautiful on you….PERFECTION!
    Welcome to Manhattan and wearing sunglasses in the winter:)

  3. chloe Paidoussis says:

    FABULOUS!!!!! You look beautiful and properly New Yorkan!

  4. Beautiful ! Real new yorker now ?
    My sunglasses are some old wayfarers from my mum, they’re a bit broken, but I really like them.
    By the way, the glasses on the first picture are very nice too !

  5. Ritournelle says:

    Haha I found it weird that people wore sunglasses in NY too when I arrived in the Fall! But since the sun shines quite strongly at times outside of summer I had to do so as well.
    Your aviators suit you really well; very stylish!

  6. CinZilicious says:

    Oh my, i love your aviators! I got myself a pair from Rayband and been using it for the past few years, just love them! and i love how you have your hair tied up like that, looks so fresh and awake!

    Do let us know if u get urself a pair of Prada spectacles or cat eye sunglasses, and dont forget to post photos!:D I actually really liked the Prada cat eye sunglasses, which you saw on my cat eye blog post said u liked as well. And i’m lovin that sketch of the Prada SS2011 sunglasses, so arty:D

    Also, i’ve nominated you for the stylish blogger award and clearly you deserve it with your gorgeous and stylish outfits so come by my blog and check it out!:D


  7. noelani says:

    Stunning selection! I have a few aviators and the fab thing about them is that they never go out of style. Classic.

  8. Q says:

    Hey, I loved your Fendi, really.
    I love sunglasses, but specially Ray-Ban. At the moment I’m totally in love with the Cats 1000. Most beautiful sunglasses I have ever seen.
    But I really likes all the styles you posted.

  9. Lisa says:

    ahh love those aviators they are gorgeous! and welcome to new york are you liking it??

  10. cupcake says:

    Holy crap you look hot!! I knew it…did I say the aviators? Yes I did!

  11. stylemefab says:

    Oh my …you look fabulous wearing your aviators …..

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