Tears Of Joy.

Recently I was surprised with a “Stylish Blogger Award” by three of my favourite bloggers  – thank you  ladies!




The circumstances under which I accept this award require that I reveal five things about myself (good oh, else there could be some Gwyneth style oscar rambling here) and nominate my own favourite, stylish bloggers for an award.  So, firstly some factoids about me:

1. I was paid a compliment by Isabella Blow when I had no idea she was.  I thought she was a very funny looking woman with a strange hat.

2. I was a huge Take That fan back in the day, the first time I saw them cost me £12 at Derby Assembly Rooms in 1992.  What a deal.

(P.S. Mark Owen, I think I am still in love with you).

3. I can play the Oboe.

4. I always answer “no” when people ask me, on finding out my profession “oh so are you analysing me now then…?” But secretly, I always am.

5. Every year, for the past ten years, I have been to Ibiza on holiday.  In the last two years I went three times each year. I love Ibiza.

(P.S. I always leave the glowsticks at home).

Secondly then, time for me to nominate my own “Stylish Bloggers” for awards.  I award this title to the following:

1. http://nottinghillgirl.blogspot.com/

2. http://novembergrey.blogspot.com/

3. http://petit-escalier.blogspot.com/

4. http://www.mpchouchou.com/

5. http://www.thirtysomethingfashion.com/

I hope Blog Readers, that you have time to browse the websites of the fantastic individuals I have nominated. Happy, stylish blogging!

StyleOnTheCouch Xx

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7 Responses to Tears Of Joy.

  1. cupcake says:

    Wow #1 is very cool! Having been there myself…#5 is very interesting you wild woman, hmmm…(now I’m pullin’ a #4 heehee).

  2. Aw thanks! You are fabulous.


    November Grey

  3. stylemefab says:

    Congrats on the award!!. wow at #5….Ibiza looks so much fun and the perfect place to go on holiday

  4. Congrats on the award, it was certainly well placed! Excited to check out some new bloggers =)

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