Mini Me.

What can I say you’re either a mini or a maxi skirt/dress girl.  I usually go for longer lengths, leaving the shorter skirts to those women with the tanned legs for it, but here I am, daring to be different in this post, still minus the tan (although the photos suggest I can’t quite take myself seriously in this skirt just yet).  The mini skirt here is from ASOS Black; on-the-ball blog readers will recall I posted a fringed top from ASOS black last year: – the top and the skirt can be worn together but I fear that might be fringing overload.  Here I’m teaming the skirt with a plain black tank top from Reiss but I think the outfit definitely needs a belt (any suggestions?) Also tights, a blazer and several layers to keep me warm perhaps.  So are we maxi or mini girls out there?

Wearing: Black silk tank from Reiss; Fringed skirt from ASOS Black.

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15 Responses to Mini Me.

  1. I’m going for maxi skirts this season, but then I don’t have fabulously long legs like yourself! I love that skirt – definitely looks great balanced out with the plain top. NHG x

  2. Milla says:

    Girl, get yourself to Wolford immediately! Are you insane? You look delightful, as always but holy moly, tights are needed! I wear minis most of the winter (with a good pair of tights) – well worth dealing with the cold. I really should check out ASOS, shouldn’t I…

  3. Stylista says:

    I think you look great in the mini! I’m probably more of a mini girl, but I surely don’t have tanned legs (or gorgeously, perfectly shaped ones either). Maxi skirts are nice, but are a bit too boho for my taste.

  4. everydayglamour says:

    I’m with Milla’s Wolford views. How about Wolford black Matte Opaque 80 tights, some ankle booties, and a leather jacket….well, ok so it’s too cold for that now!

  5. cupcake says:

    I’m cold just looking at you! But…it’s better to look good than to feel good…so bravo!

  6. Carly says:

    I occasionally do the “mini” for a night on the town…
    You rock it much better than I ever do…look at those long legs…

  7. I’d go mini for that even sans tanned legs 🙂 It’s very very cute!

  8. noelani says:

    You are such a skinny mini that you should wear mini’s all the time!! I am with Milla though, I highly suggest you pair with some tights stat. I have banished all my mini’s to the back of my closet for now. I can’t even look at them with another 10 inches on the ground.

  9. CinZilicious says:

    I love you in mini and those frills (or whatever u call them) are so cute! But i agree with Milla, you soo need tights!!! It’s freezing with snow over there!

    As for suggestions, i defo would suggest you add a belt considering what a belt freak i am myself,lol. I think a thin brown belt would look great so there is that pop of color going on:)

    Happy weekend!


  10. I love the mini dress! you have legs might as well flaunt them!

  11. LizAnn says:

    Wow, you have great choices in dresses! I love the first one for the detail, and how it’s a little bit girly, and the black ones are super cute and with an edge… I like the way you mix it up! Super cute!

    VPV Intern

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