Poltock and Walsh.

So this is my final post from the ‘house of mirrors’ as I move into my permanent Manhattan apartment this weekend.  I brought this Poltock & Walsh dress with me in my suitcase when I moved to NYC from the UK because its such a versatile piece of clothing.  I once read an interview with Katie Walsh where she talked about her designs being pieces that women can hang in their wardrobe for years, and I feel like this is one such dress.  I’ve worn both it in the daytime and in the evening since I arrived in the US – I love the shoulder detail and the classic overall shape.

I really urge you, Blog Reader, to check Poltock & Walsh out.  This morning I looked online at their designs for ASOS and saw lots of their signature colour blocking which is a big trend for Spring.  My favourite item is the silk colour-block maxi dress with slashed neckline: http://www.asos.com/search/pgeSearch.aspx?q=poltock+and+walsh

And so a final goodbye to the house of mirrors and a big ‘hello’ to my new pad.  New posts from a new location coming very soon (my wardrobe from the UK arrives on Tuesday, hurrah!)

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8 Responses to Poltock and Walsh.

  1. cupcake says:

    Au revoir house of mirrors and bonjour to a house with a normal amount of mirrors. I love shopping on Asos because of the ‘fashion show’, doncha love that? You get a 360 of your purchase plus they show you how to wear it like an uber model. Your dress is super versatile, really like the cut out shoulders. You’ve given it some military chic there with the boots :)…(I know, I know the snow).
    Best wishes on your big move!

    • Oh the catwalk feature? Some of the music annoys me (I feel they an employee dedicated to matching music with outfits, but they’d have a really busy job!) but I do love the catwalk part, yes. Cupcake I ordered a huge mirror for the bedroom of my new apartment, I promise to post you a pic! x

  2. Michelle says:

    beautiful dress 🙂

    Valentine’s Day Preparation Pt. 1:

  3. M. says:

    Congrats on the move and welcome to the neighborhood!! Uptown, downtown? Seriously love the dress, so versatile.


  4. chloe Paidoussis says:

    Great look!

  5. Stylista says:

    The effect with those mirrors is amazing. Well, I guess it’s sadly time to say goodbye. But at least you can say hello to a new place! That dress is definitely a classic piece that will have a long, useful lifetime in any closet.


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