You Colour My World.

…or rather not, because if you wear red on Valentine’s Day then you’re a fool.  I cannot bear the store windows, all red lingerie, hearts and flowers.   I suggest you keep it simple, like this little black dress from Mango, one of my favourite dresses for a night out.  I would really like to hear everyone’s thoughts on what to wear on Valentine’s Day, whether it be dinner out or a casual date… for me in the past it has felt like an awful lot of fashion pressure which is why I tend to stick to a LBD.

Wearing: Dress, Mango.  Shoes, Dorothy Perkins.  Jacket, TopShop.  Click here for the Mango online shop.

Actually I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day because it has always seemed quite masochistic to me.  If you’re in a relationship, you have to make this one day far more meaningful than the other 364 days in the year that you’re probably (hopefully?!) also trying very hard to make special.  If you’re single, well, loneliness and misery looms.  So.  As we might feel a little depressed (now, after reading my post, sorry to all you hopeless romantics out there) at the impending deadline of V Day, let us console ourselves with the dulcet tones of my favourite artist Corinne Bailey Rae, who has a “Love EP” out on the 14th Feb.  When I listened to this it made me feel warmer towards the whole concept of Valentine’s Day immediately.  I’m all heart really…  Check it out: this is her cover of the classic “Is This Love” by Bob Marley.  J’adore…

P.S I’m dedicating this post to all my lovely readers, from whom the bloglovin’ keeps me posting.  Happy Valentine’s Day Blog Reader Xx

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13 Responses to You Colour My World.

  1. Toni says:

    My hubby’s bday is Valentine’s Day so V Day as I knew it is pretty much gone forever. Ah well. : )

  2. cupcake says:

    Yes, red is much! I’d go the LBD option for a dinner out too. Tres cute!

  3. everydayglamour says:

    This is very pretty! It’s just perfect.

  4. Milla says:

    LBD today, tomorrow, always! Whatever the occasion it always works and you look great here!

  5. MissAnnAbin says:

    whatever you choose to wear, I hope you have a fab night out xxx (I think black is cool and perfect for the Big City of Bright Lights)

  6. Ooh you must’ve been so cold! But it’s a gorgeous dress, love it! 🙂

  7. I’m with you on being understated..the most red i’ll do is maybe my nails or a red ring. we’ll even see about that!

  8. Patricia says:

    LOVE that dress!! everything about it! esp the top half. and yes black is always a classic though i love red too but not on a cliched day like Valentine’s. Enjoy it!

  9. That dress is beautiful! A perfect dress for all occasions. :)SArahD

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