Tickle My Fancy.

I love adding to my personal style blog, but there are times when I find it difficult to incorporate all the things that I love: the things that I take inspiration from, the places I visit, the people who inspire me, the boutiques I shop at etc etc…. into this one place.

I’ve therefore started a tumblr page where you can find images, quotes, psychology and philosophy along with information about shops, bars etc… all the things that tickle my fancy and that I want to share.

I hope you enjoy my tumblr page as much as I am enjoying creating it.

StyleOnTheCouch Xx

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4 Responses to Tickle My Fancy.

  1. Carly says:

    seriously is there a better movie out there than Labyrinth. I feel like I totally want to rewatch that movie…NOW! My sisters and I loved it. oh David Bowie.

    Loving the inspirations page:)

  2. Cupcake says:

    Excellent creative outlet! Psychology even, I like it. I used to do improptu dream interpretation for colleagues in my office. It was a popular service. Course i was in finance haha. Still. When you got it you got it. Anyhoo…yes would luv to see some psychology.

  3. onagracenote says:

    What a great idea – it looks very stylish and the Reiss S/S 2011 collection is gorgeous.

  4. followed you there, of course, dear!

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