Close Encounters of the 70s Kind.

This is one of my favourite looks of the year so far. I wore this outfit to the International Fashion Bloggers ‘Evolving Influence’ conference on Thursday where I met fellow bloggers Lani, Mariah and Marissa for much fun, hilarity and lively debate about the future for our ‘industry’.

The delightful Lani took me shopping in Topshop the day before the conference.  (A secret: despite being a Londoner and Topshop UK regular I had no idea there was a Manhattan store…shhh)  Although I was disappointing to see slightly inflated prices I was pleased to have a pleasant Topshop shopping experience as the store was very calm.  This is so completely unlike the usual mayhem of the Oxford Street UK store (Brits out there will understand this).  I had to develop a whole new way of approaching Topshop racks rather than my usual grab and run survival strategy.

With Lani off admiring the bright kitten heels I had time to try on this skirt, a skirt of the kind my mother is wearing in photographs of me when I was growing up.  Yes, it appears 70s and 80s influences abound, so I’m going for it here.  I’ve talked before about my love of high waisted clothing and the skirt is another item I’m happy to have in this style.  I love everything about it really; the belt, the length, the colour (I don’t own much camel, I admit I find it so boring unless the piece is classic like a trench coat, perhaps) and the pocket detail.

I’m now off to explore 70s/80s style icons in order to emulate their style….

Are you wearing 70s/80s style, Blog Reader?

Wearing: Skirt from Topshop; Jumper from French Connection (old season); tights from Marks and Spencer; Shoes from Dorothy Perkins (as before).

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22 Responses to Close Encounters of the 70s Kind.

  1. Cupcake says:

    Very Mary Tyler Moore! I’m luvin the ’70’s look! How fun to get together for shopping & discussion.

  2. noelani says:

    In love with this skirt and 70’s inspired look. It’s a good thing my planned skirt went up in flames, otherwise we would have been twinsies at the conference;)

  3. Nina says:

    Not yet rocking the 70s!! Love this skirt and the colour x

  4. SegSox says:

    Aww, you are so gorgeous! I’m sooo jealous of chic you, love the skirt!

  5. M. says:

    This was such a perfect choice for the conference. You were an oasis of classic style in a room full of sparklies ;0)

  6. Stylista says:

    Oh shopping with a fellow blogger! Now that sounds like oodles of fun! I’d love to do that one day… That skirt is really nice, and does have a slight 70s influence. I will not be trying out this trend though. Era dressing never quite worked for me…

  7. Milla says:

    Before my time (hehe…) but love the look! The camel skirt is gorgeous!

  8. everydayglamour says:

    Oh, you look insanely good in this outfit!

  9. i’m loving the outfit you chose…very fun!!!

  10. mtadams1208 says:

    Love it! looks really comfortable yes stylish.

  11. Oooh i absolutely adore this look! So mod!

  12. You look so lovely in these photos, and it was absolutely wonderful meeting you last week! Thank you for the shout out, and sorry for the delayed response. I’ve been completely behind on my blog reading ever since New York. I’ve added you to my reader now so I won’t miss any more. 🙂

  13. Ciara says:

    Love the skirt! You look fab! x

  14. Milla says:

    I’m back… This is quite possibly one of your best outfits yet! Okay, back to my breakfast.

  15. Ritournelle says:

    No 70s/80s for me, I am a child of the 90s/00s! Love the skirt on you though. The outfit suits your figure perfectly!

  16. Awesome look! Perfect for any occasion!

    (thanks for stopping by A Better Roni, I love your site!)

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