Windy (NY) City.

Sometimes when I take photos for the blog the outtakes make me laugh so much…. I tried to take some pictures this morning and I had to share this one with you – it is so windy today!  I think photos can wait – I’m off to explore Coney Island……!

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10 Responses to Windy (NY) City.

  1. Nice LBD
    I know what you mean, sometimes the weather makes it really difficult to make outfit pictures! Sucks!

  2. I know what you mean. My other half finds it amusing to take the worst photos possible…I’ve had some absolute shockers. I love the sign in the background, made me chuckle although I’m sure they’re very serious about it! NHG x

  3. Dempeaux says:

    Haha! I wish my outtakes were that glamourous! 😉 Enjoy Coney Island!

  4. samreen says:

    Still very glamourous!

  5. i love it 🙂 how was coney island???? i’ve never been there!

    • Krystal I have two exciting posts to blog next week. It was a funny place, better when the amusement parks are running I am sure, and even though it was cold it didn’t stop me from craving ice cream!

  6. stylemefab says:

    no amount of wind can interfere with the FAB!!!!

  7. Ritournelle says:

    At least it wasn’t your typical NY winter weather, ie snowing / pouring / slushy 😉

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